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Mark your calendar for Thursday evening the 22nd of August. We have a real humdinger for you! We are to be visited by Dr Peter Nilssen of the "Point of Origin" cave excavations at Pinnacle point in Mosselbay.

The Pinnacle Point Caves have revealed the world’s earliest evidence of man’s modern behaviour dating back 164 000 years ago. And discoveries in the system of 15 or more caves has been described as a huge step for mankind going back in history, as it was previously believed man’s complex thinking and behaviour dated back to 40 000 years ago in Eurasia.

It all started in 1999 when local archaeologist, Dr Peter Nilssen, accompanied Jonathan Kaplan, the director for Cultural Resource Management in Mossel Bay on an archaeological survey as part of an environmental impact assessment survey for the then proposed Pinnacle Point Beach and Golf Resort. While Dr Nilssen was going through the photos from the impact assessment and looking at sediments adhering to the wall, he knew straight away the caves were middle stone age.

The Mossel Bay Archaeology Project (MAP) was born in 2000 and by 2005, scientists from around the world began looking at cultural evolution, ancient climates and environments, as well as extracting DNA from the ancient fossils.

Findings from the caves have been featured in prestigious Science and Nature journals, and it is now one of the most well-funded archaeological sites in the world.

Our speaker Dr. Peter Nilssen has over 20 years experience in archaeological field work and research and a PhD in archaeology from UCT. Peter initiated the ongoing research at Pinnacle Point with Curtis Marean after discovering the cave sites in 1997 with Jonathan Kaplan.

This talk will be linked to a Swellendam Heritage Association visit to the Point of Origin caves in September with Dr Nilssen as our guide and host. More details of this excursion on the 22nd at the talk.

The details for this not to be missed talk are:

  • What: A talk by Dr Peter Nilssen on the discovery and findings of the Point of Origin Caves in Mossel Bay.
  • Where: The Drostdy Schuur.
  • When: Thursday the 22nd of August at 18h00 for 18h30
  • Cost: R50 for members and R80 for visitors
  • Refreshments: Snacks, Wine and or Juice and fellowship
  • RSVP: Tuesday evening 20th August - p.bromley05@gmail.com
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