What to do when visiting Johannesburg 2021? "Take a walk with Nelson Mandela" in Alexandra Township. This is the premise behind the initiation of Bosele Township Tours – to take a walk where global icon, Nelson Mandela – or as he is affectionately known the world over, Madiba.

“Alexandra occupies a treasured place in my heart. It was the first place I lived away from home” - Nelson Mandela”

The contrast of Alex – one of the poor areas of Johannesburg –next door to one of the city’s richest suburbs – Sandton – brings an irony to the area. Yet Alex holds its own identity, architecture, heritage, and social and political composition; this is added draw cards for visitors wanting to immerse themselves in a part of Madiba’s history.

Visitors wishing to immerse themselves in a part of Madiba’s history will be offered authentic and diverse experiences where they will be able to interact with the unique spaces that Madiba once walked through and engaged with when he was a resident of the Johannesburg Township, Alexandra (Alex).

Bosele conducts daily scheduled or private tours that are deeply respectful and sensitive to the engagement with local communities. The itinerary on any given tour includes activities like; experiencing the 6th Avenue Informal settlement; seeing the room that Madiba rented when he stayed in Alex in the early 1940s; 2-3  inspiring community development projects and the incredible people driving them; and a genuine ‘Chesanyama’ snack (South African ‘braai’/barbecue).

Visitors can request to visit a specific project or projects but this is subject to  availability and logistical possibility.

Bosele is not a mass market tour company and thus booking is subject to availability. 

Due to lockdown restrictions, We only run one tour per day for less that 6 (individual) travellers  - Monday to Saturday and generally in the morning.

Our tours are accompanied by an experienced local guide and the moving around is done in a taxi/suitable vehicle (taxi follows the group – moving from section to section– and the taxi to stay in close proximity to the group as may be required).

Bosele is fully committed to ensuring the guest experience is as fulfilling, meaningful and educational as possible, whilst also benefitting and respecting local communities being visited.

We subscribe to the principles of improving the quality of life for the Alex  residents.

For more information or to book contact Abby Sechoaro | 067 128 7016 | kutlwiprojects@gmail.com

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