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To celebrate Fish Hoek's centenary on Tuesday 24 April 2018, the SA Post Office has commissioned the manufacture of a date stamp to be used exclusively on that day at Fish Hoek Post Office in Main Road, Fish Hoek. This will commemorate the date when the first plots on former Fish Hoek Farm were auctioned to create the village of Fish Hoek in 1918. The Fish Hoek date stamp is the first commemorative date stamp issued for 2018.

A postage stamp is cancelled with a date stamp to show that it has gone through the post and it may thereafter not be re-used. When commemorative stamps are issued, they are issued with a canceller of a similar theme. Some collectors collect cancellers or stamps that have been cancelled with special cancellers. Such stamps are called "Cancelled to Order Stamps".

Note: to complement the special date stamp, a commemorative envelope is being produced locally, DL in size, with an appropriate image. The postage stamps affixed will be either local @ R4.20 or international @ R9.85 and cancelled/franked with the special date stamp.

Initially, they will be available from either Lamitall, The Bookworm, the Main Road Post Office or the FHV Museum at a reasonable price, from Tuesday to month end. Thereafter, only at the Museum.

If you wish to order either version of the envelope, please email fhvalley.historical.secretary@gmail.com. You will be advised of the exact price and the collection point.

The envelope is a great piece of memorabilia and most suitable as a gift, for example, for family, relatives, friends, customers and employees. Thanks to the Post Office for taking the initiative and to those who have given input on envelope design viz: Schalk Uys of The Bookworm, Sally Britten of the museum and Dominique Gould, our local PostMaster (or is she the Post Mistress?!).

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