Following the success of 25 published books on South African history I felt it was time, especially with the current pandemic, to look at producing publications in digital pdf formats.
I created a digital format (pdf) as a “Southern African History & Military Journal" as a FREE MONTHLY issue to the public and tourists. I started to produce the Journals and have produced 4 issues to date:

  • Issue 1 - Cape Town/Simon’s Town and articles on military aspects
  • Issue 2 - Eastern Cape/Russians in the Boer War/Boer POWs/Battle of Stormberg and more
  • Issue 3 - Graaff-Reinet/Aberdeen and the Boer War/Cape Rebels and a number of heroes
  • Issue 4 - 1820 Settlers

Each monthly Issue will feature a hero or two ranging from the Frontier Wars through the Boer Wars, First and Second World Wars to the Border War. AND, a number of anecdotes and stories.
If you have missed any of the Issues you would like to have email and list the issues in question. OR you can visit where you will find the Journals listed as they are produced each month.


If you are interested in advertising in the future Issues; the cost per issue per advert of 79mm x 45,5mm is only SA Rands 200,00. An excellent deal - not to be missed.

AND the chance of purchasing “The Forts of the Eastern Cape” by Prof. Colin Coetzee and Tony Westby-Nunn at Rands 850,00 which includes PostNet postage. Only two copies left.


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Issued by Tony Westby-Nunn - March 2021

04/30/2021 - 00:00
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Wed, 03/10/2021 - 11:17

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