04/30/2019 - 00:00

The Johannesburg Development Agency (JDA)  joined the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation (JHF) in exploring Dube’s fascinating history in celebration of Black History Month. Dube boasts such a rich history and six blue plaques of famous names / places were unveiled. It became a real community event and the JHF must be commended for using the experience and knowledge of local people, which encouraged local interest and participation. Different communities came together to honour the men and women of Dube - another layer of the City’s heritage:

  • Frank Sexwale
  • Andrew Mlangene
  • Potlako Kitchener Leballo
  • Dr AB Xuma and Dr Nthato Motlana
  • Sipho Mchunu
  • Sebina Letlalo

Much appreciated: Cheche Selepe, David Gurney and Flo Bird

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