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JoburgPlaces is delighted to present its ‘Secret Underground Dinner’ – an unforgettable experience of delectable foods and drinks in two of the most astonishing Johannesburg inner-city spaces. Within close walking proximity, guests will move between the two venues on an unforgettable dinner-safari experience.

Price: R595 per person, including two gin & tonics and a three-course meal.

Dates available:

  • Friday 25 May, 7:30pm
  • Saturday 26 May, 1pm
  • Saturday 26 May, 7:30pm

What it entails:

Meet us at City Central, 85 Commissioner Street (cnr Harrison) where we will enjoy starters, paired with Ginifer Gin & Tonic. Starters comprise Feta & Olive Spinach Wraps as well as delectable Cheese Platters with Breads, Olives and Preserves.

Walk with us to our ‘secret’ dinner destination, the Zwipi Underground Bar at the Thunder Walker which we are opening later this year. Here you will enjoy a delicious main course comprising pan-fried trout, citrus salad and sweet-potato crisps. Bring your own wine for the main course as this space is not yet licensed for alcohol sales. Soft drinks, water and juice will be on sale.

Dessert is served back at the Brass Bar at City Central: the most scrumptious Red Velvet Cake, paired with Musgrave Pink Gin & Tonic.

Interspersed with dinner, Gerald Garner – author, guide and city activator – will tell some fascinating stories about the gins, the food and the venues we are visiting or walking past.

First chance to see the Zwipi Underground Bar!

This is the first opportunity for members of the public to get a glimpse of the magical Zwipi Underground Bar at the Thunder Walker, Somerset House on Gandhi Square (click here for some history of the building). This building will soon become the permanent home of JoburgPlaces. Zwipi is situated in the erstwhile bank vault of the United Building Society and contains over 1000 safety deposit boxes.


Somerset House (The Heritage Portal)


To book:

Contact Gerald Garner: Email: gerald@joburgplaces.com Whatsapp / text: 082 894 5216

We will send you a booking form with banking details. Seats are only secured upon receipt of proof of payment. No cancellations will be accepted after a booking is paid and confirmed. 

Note: no parking is available at City Central. We recommend that you use Uber/Taxify or a metered cab. Parking can be arranged underground at Gandhi Square but must be pre-booked with JoburgPlaces by providing the vehicles number plate ahead of time.

Bid on a safety deposit box

Zwipi contains nearly 1000 safety deposit boxes, many of which are unopened. Guests will also be able to bid on an unopened safety deposit box. We will get a locksmith to open three boxes on the night of 26 May. The contents of each box going to the highest bidder. The risk is that the box may be empty, but it may also contain something valuable! The reserve price for any box is R1000. The winning bidders must pay by credit/bank card on the night, prior to the boxes being opened.

See www.joburgplaces.com

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