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Come and join us for a cultural evening on Wednesday 9th May 2018 at 18h00 at Whow Studios. Email admin@whow.co.za to book. Click here to view location.

The evening will consist of a short introduction about the site Melissa Barker is working at called Hazor in Israel where you will be shown some interesting images of the site as well as some samples of the ancient ceramics that can be found there. This will be followed by a talk about her thesis and the oldest recipes in the world. The evening will be concluded with participants being able to taste and experience one of these ancient recipes that will be cooked by Melissa especially for this event. 

About the speaker: Melissa Barker is currently doing her Masters degree in the Cuisine of the Mesopotamians (the oldest cuisine in the world). The recipes she is working on date from around 1700BC.  She has five years Archaeological experience in Israel working with ancient ceramics as well as doing some restoration work on site. She is also the proud owner of Melkbos Pottery studio. 


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