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Do you need some practical training which you can implement in your job tomorrow? But your organisation doesn’t have a lot of money and you don’t have a lot of time? The following practical, interactive museum education workshops are for you!

1. The ABCs of working with school-aged children

This workshop will look at ages and stages of children and tips and tricks for managing large groups. It includes getting and keeping attention, fun ways to divide up groups, games, group management strategies. There will be a section where we brainstorm solutions for your specific challenges.

2. Volunteer management

We will work through the volunteer management cycle – planning, recruitment, orientation and training, supervision and evaluation, recognition, and retention. There will be time to work on getting your volunteer programme off the ground with templates to take away and use in your organisation.

3. How to develop an experiential education programme

This workshop will take you through the eight keys to successful education programmes and then go step-by-step through how you would go about structuring a fun, interactive programme you would like to develop. 

4. A beginner’s guide to CAPS 

The CAPS documents sometimes seem dense and not very accessible. This workshop will give you an overview of what CAPS is, how to read the documents and find the information relevant to you. 

The Logistics

  • These workshops are between 90 minutes and half a day in length.
  • Costs vary depending on the length and format (typically R250-R750 per person).
  • The venue will be within the Cape Town area.
  • If you have a venue, substantial discounts can be negotiated.  
  • Workshops will only run with 10 or more participants.
  • The topics above can be adapted or other workshops developed to meet your organisation’s needs.  
  • Workshops are fun, hands-on, practical and include all handouts.
  • Tea/coffee will be provided. 

Contact: Helen Joannides, h_joannides@hotmail.com or 0741126346

About the facilitator:

Helen Joannides has a Masters in Heritage studies (Wits 2003). Her expertise is in museum education and archiving. She has worked as a museum educator both in South Africa and Canada developing education policies and creating and implementing curriculum-based programmes for school groups. In the archival arena her experience extends from conventional archival functions, to research, to the development of online databases and the digitisation of archival records. In response to her own need for professional development, Helen established the Western Cape Museum Educator Group in 2010. This group meets regularly to provide a professional development and networking forum for educators in museums and other experiential learning environments. Helen is passionate about professionalising the field of museum education in South Africa. She currently chairs the Western Cape Museum Educator Group, holds the Education portfolio on the SAMA WC Committee and offers consulting services in museum education, research and archiving.

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