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We are very excited to launch a new online effort -Phansi Museum Webinar Lectures with Paul Mikula! We have four online lectures for you to join and enjoy:

  • Nguni History - Friday, 26 June, 11h30 - We discuss the origins of our Nguni Brothers and Sisters who are part of the greater Bantu family, who make up the overwhelming majority of the South African Population. Click here to book.



  • Art - Friday, 3 July, 11h30 - We will be guided by the art, although the word and term is not known in Traditional Africa. Click here to book.



  • Stories - Tuesday, 7 July, 11h30 - Jump into stories and storytelling as Paul Mikula delves deeper into what this aspect of culture means, and how oral history is exciting and should be celebrated. Click here to book.



  • Culture - Thursday, 9 July, 11h30 We will show how culture is always on the lookout for new forms of expression and never stands still as it deals with ever-changing circumstances and situations. Click here to book.


These are family-friendly, so gather all round your computer screens for a 30-minute presentation, followed by a 10-minute Q&A to answer your burning questions!

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