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Nemai Consulting (Pty) Ltd, on behalf of Malani Padayachee & Associates (Pty) Ltd and the University of Johannesburg, hereby gives notice that a Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) is being undertaken for the intended repairs on House No. 5, in terms of Section 34 of the National Heritage Resources Act (Act 25 of 1999 - NHRA).
The University of Johannesburg plans to undertake repairs to House No. 5, a heritage building protected under Section 34(1) of the National Heritage Resources Act (Act No. 25 of 1999) (NHRA), which is located approximately 50m northwest of the main gate on the Doornfontein Campus, to improve structural integrity and occupational safety.  A Heritage Impact Assessment (HIA) will be undertaken in terms of the NHRA.  The location of House No. 5 within the context of the Doornfontein Campus can be viewed on the map attached.
Repairs planned for the building include:

  • Wall and plaster crack repairs;
  • Selected mortar replacements where mortar joints of the face brick walls have been washed away;
  • Foundation stabilisation during 1 corner wall partial demolition and restoration;
  • Replacement of damaged concrete aprons;
  • Facia boards and gutter replacement;
  • Chipped roof tile replacement; and
  • Replacement of damaged ceilings.

All Interested and Affected Parties who wish to comment on the heritage value of House No. 5 are invited to do so in writing to both Nemai Consulting and the Provincial Heritage Resource Authority-Gauteng (PHRA-G):

Nemai Consulting:
Contact:     Jacqui Davis                
Tel:              (011) 781 1730             
Email:         jacquid@nemai.co.za
Contact:    Tebogo Molokomme
Tel:              (011) 355 2609
Email:         Tebogo.molokomme@gauteng.gov.za

Check closing date with Nemai Consulting.

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