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I, Khensani Maluleke being the authorized agent of the owner of RE and RE/16/36-IR Lombardy  36 IR Coordinates of Approximate Centre of Project Area -26.105470/27.124961 hereby give notice in terms of Section 38 of the National Heritage Resources Act No. 25 of 1999 that having satisfied all the HIA conditions and requirements as set out in Section 38 (3) I have applied on behalf of the owner to the Gauteng Provincial Heritage Resources Authority for the approval of  a development for Municipal Use, corner London Road and Lenin Drive, Alexandra, Johannesburg..

Any interested or affected party who wishes to comment is invited to do so in writing to the Provincial Heritage Resources Authority Attention Ms. Tebogo Molokomme Private Bag X33 Johannesburg 2000 Tel (011) 355 2545/ Fax (011) 355 2541. Tebogo.Molokomme@gauteng.gov.za

The documents are available for perusal at Councillor Tefu Raphadu’s Offices at, 8th Avenue, Alfred Nzo Street MPCC, First Floor, Alexandra during office hours.

Closing date for comments: 08 August 2019 

Name and address of authorised agent: Khensani Heritage Consulting (Pty) Ltd, 662 Ndaba Drive, Protea North, P.O. Tshiawelo 1818 Soweto, Johannesburg Fax +27 11 980 8888 Email:khensani@khensani.net

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