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Rolls-Royce has unveiled a new addition to its range of luxury vehicles. The vehicle has been given the name, “Cullinan”, after the famous diamond found at the then Premier Diamond Mine now the Cullinan Diamond Mine. The diamond was found in 1905 and was of the purest quality and weighed 3106 carats and was named after the Chairman of the Mine, Sir Thomas Major Cullinan. The diamond was later purchased by the Transvaal Government and presented to the British Royal family. The two biggest stones are in the Royal Sceptre and in the Imperial State Crown. It still remains to this day the largest gem quality diamond found.


Cullinan Diamond (Cullinan Mine Archives)


The “Cullinan” on the dumps of Cullinan Mine being driven off by its new owner (John Lincoln)


The famous emblem of Rolls-Royce. Price is on application but it is believed to be at R10 million plus (John Lincoln)

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