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PGS Heritage (Pty) Ltd is multi-disciplinary heritage company working on a variety of projects from individual heritage resources to large-scale developments requiring the input from a range of heritage specialists.  Our company is involved in projects in all nine provinces of South Africa as well as the SADC region. The PGS team has an exciting opportunity for a competent archaeologist/heritage specialist to join the team as an associate and assist in the growth of the company.


The objective of the position is to appoint a qualified individual at a senior archaeologists level in fieldwork, laboratory analysis, monitoring, and preparation of technical reports and heritage related documents. Duties will include conducting and compiling background research, survey, testing, evaluation, data recovery, and construction monitoring, laboratory work, completion of archaeological and heritage impact assessment reports, as well as other tasks as assigned. Position requires excellent field skills, artefact analysis, keeping of field notes and records, and the writing and finalising of reports.


  • Conduct studies and compliance approaches toward acquisition of permits and clearances (for national, provincial, and local laws and regulations) or resource management plans.
  • Support and coordinate technical work in archaeology, business development, client management and task order management.
  • Write and produce reports or documents.
  • Coordinate projects related to heritage compliance and resource management, including client contact, budget control, invoicing, schedule, personnel allocation/planning, public interest facilitation, technical approach development, and subcontractor involvement.
  • Assist senior-level resource lead and provide technical support in field and office settings. Assist with development of resource management recommendations, assess project effects on resources, and provide support to address complex resource problems and issues that require advanced technical or regulatory knowledge.
  • Contribute in a team setting toward business development efforts within subject matter expertise.
  • Collaborate in an integrated team with engineers, scientists, planners, regulators, and other stakeholders.


  • Master’s degree in Archaeology  - A Stone Age background is preferred .
  • Registered Professional Archaeologist certification with ASAPA.
  • 4 years of field experience in archaeological surveys and reconnaissance
  • Knowledge of GPS equipment is critical
  • Familiarity with South African cultural resources.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • A history working with private, public sector clients, and regulatory agencies.
  • Ability to translate between science, planning, engineering, and policy.
  • A blend of strategic and tactical thinking as a well-rounded consultant.
  • A desire to excel and passion for rewarding work on complex environmental challenges.
  • Working knowledge of NHRA, NEMA, MPDRA, and provincial heritage authorities.


  • Problem-solving ability and analytical skills.
  • Orientation toward fulfilling client objectives.
  • Excellent verbal, interpersonal, and written communication skills.
  • Strong organizational and time management skills.
  • Ability to work effectively in multi-disciplinary teams.
  • Use of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and GPS software.
  • Familiarity with GIS software is an advantage
  • Knowledge of GPS equipment is critical.


Contract appointment will be negotiated

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