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Put on your rose-tinted glasses for a drive along Jules Street where we’ll be seeing some art deco shops, but also an old and dilapidated station precinct in Denver. What delightful urban designers worked for the council at that time!  Actually they had no such grand titles. They were just humble members of the Town Engineer’s department but they had some grand visions. Then to the delightful Tram Terminus Building built in 1911 on the edge of Germiston. The handsome Masonic Lodge in Cleveland catches our eye. It has housed attorneys for the past 87 years who have been most respectful of the heritage building and trees.  The Malvern Swimming Baths with superb brickwork have fortunately been untouched by modernization and we get a big surprise at finding a Baker House in Malvern East, a remnant we suspect of the Stanhope Mine. Next comes Assumption Convent and we reach the highpoint of our art deco delights with 176 Galteemore Street, where we’ll be unveiling a plaque and even take a peep inside. 

This tour is mainly a Bus Tour with optional stops, and so is suitable for those who are mobility impaired.

Email mail@joburgheritage.co.za to book

GUIDES: Flo Bird and William Gaul

DATE: 21 April 2018 at 13h30 – please note early start time!

PARK: Sunnyside Park Hotel, Princess of Wales Terrace, Parktown

COST: R250 for members and R300 for non-members 

DURATION: Approximately 3 hours


SAIAT CPD Points:    0.2 for Category 1

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