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Kensington Heritage is proud to present this limited edition of A3, A4 and A6 assorted blank cards (sold in a pack) and personally signed by Mark de Lange for Heritage month. I can be emailed at isabella.pingle@gmail.com if anyone is interested.

About the artist:

Mark de Lange was born in Essex Street, Kensington in 1938. He attended Leicester Road Primary School where an early interest in art developed after he received an award for drawing at the Rand Easter Show.

Secondary education was at Queen's School after which he completed a commercial art course at the Johannesburg School of Art. At the time, positions for artists were few, so Mark served an apprenticeship with the Johannesburg City Council Transport Department as a diesel fitter.

Over time he returned to the art world and was appointment as Art Director of the Medical and Technical Division of a large International Advertising Agency.
Mark is available to provide rendering on a wide range of subjects in either water-colour, pencil or pen and ink.



From left to right on photo

  1. Kensington Sanatorium (New Life Clinic) - Built in 1897 ran by French Sisters of The Holy Family Order fro 1888 - 1915.
  2. 2. Scottish Horse Memorial on Caledonia Hill - Erected in memory of the officer and men who died during the Anglo Boer War in 1901 - 1902.
  3. 3. Friedenheim the site of Julius Jeppe's Home (A Rand Lord). The gates can still be seen today at Jeppe High School for Boys.
  4. 4. Lion House - Built in 1907 - 1909 by George Wollacott who was Master decorator of stucco work.
  5. 5. Kensington Castle - Built in 1911 by Samuel Scott Wilson a replica of the Rothesay-on-Bute Castle in Scotland.
  6. 6. Jonkershuis (Bezuidenhout Family Farm Homestead) - The Oldest house in Johannesburg dates back to 1852.
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