06/24/2017 - 00:00

Gallery MOMO and Fourthwall Books invite you to the launch of Andrew Tshabangu: Footprints at Gallery Momo 52 7th Avenue Parktown North on 24 June from 11h00. Our speaker will be George Mahashe.

Andrew Tshabangu has been making photographs for over twenty years. He has traversed the city and the countryside—in South Africa and elsewhere—with an ease born of deep familiarity and empathy in order to show everyday lives made meaningful by the rhythms of work, faith and leisure. Each series in this important book suggests a deep contemplation of the places, rituals and material conditions that have structured black life in South Africa, and an understanding of the ways in which people have made virtues of necessity, transformed the mean spaces bequeathed to them by apartheid and mobilised the terms of their own political and spiritual freedom.

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