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We have just noticed that the landmark Markhams Building on the corner of Eloff and Pritchard Streets has been sold. We aren't sure who the new owners are yet or what the selling price was.


The buildng went on auction during heritage month 2018


There was some concern that Markham would be leaving their iconic position as they have opened up an impressive store on the ground floor of the Royalty Building and Dunvegan Chambers across the road. Thankfully, an official at the store revealed that a 5 year lease has been signed and that the trading volumes in the area are high enough to sustain two stores.


Markham at the Royalty Building (The Heritage Portal)


Markham at Dunvegan Chambers (The Heritage Portal)


This means that even though the Foschini group has sold, the longest continually operating store in Joburg (from the same building) will be able to extend its record. Let's hope that leaving is never an option. Let's also hope that the new owners are inspired by the heritage of the building and continue to invest in it. Click here to read various articles about the building.


Markhams Building in its early years (Girders on the Veld)


If you know who the owners are email jamesball01@gmail.com or comment below.

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