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Bookings are now open for the Komatiite 50th Anniversary Geoheritage Field Trip to Barberton. This trip will take place 26-29 September 2019 and is limited to 33 people. The trip will cost R3 000 for a 4-day guided tour. Costs are all inclusive:

  • Transport, departing from and returning to Sandton, Johannesburg
  • Three night’s accommodation
  • Dinner, breakfast and lunch packs
  • Daily field trips around the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Makhonja/Barberton Mountains and the Komati River Valley by experts on the geology of Barberton
  • Nightly talks and presentations

About the Trip

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the discovery and first account of komatiite, a volcanic rock with great scientific significance which formed the earth’s earliest oceanic crust. To celebrate the discovery of this unique rock with its beautifully preserved pillow structures, spinifex textures and other diagnostic features, a geoheritage field trip will be organised between 26-29 September 2019.  In addition, sediments containing signs of early life, various granitic rocks which intruded the komatiite sequences, and a number of gold occurrences will also be visited. The trip will take place in the Makhonja/Barberton Mountains which have recently been proclaimed as an UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to the unparalleled geological exposure and state of preservation. Please refer to the attached itinerary (below) for full details.

Field Trip leaders

  • Carl Anhauesser
  • Trevor Pearton
  • Laurence Robb
  • Chris Rippon
  • Prof Morris Viljoen
  • Richard Viljoen

Please note

  • This trip caters for those in geosciences and related fields, as well as the interested geo-enthusiast.
  • Regretfully, this trip will not be suitable for young children.
  • We will be visiting a UNESCO World Heritage site. Your cameras are welcome but please leave the rock hammers at home.

This trip is brought to you by Geological Society of South Africa (GSSA), Egoli Branch, 35th IGC Legacy Fund and Bushveld Minerals.

Contact egoli@gssa.org.za for bookings.

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