Please contact Eira Bond at if you are interested in purchasing any of our books. This is the third in our Johannesburg Heritage Foundation book sales fundraiser.  First come first served.

Book for sale:

1) Kew Gardens/Wakehurst Place  R10 - A richly illustrated guide to Kew Gardens, including a brief history and a section on the architecture.  It also explores the history and plant diversity of Wakehurst Place, the National Trust estate in Sussex, which has been used by Kew Gardens for decades.

2) Garden Style Source Book by Andrew Wilson R30 - A book on design themes for every type of garden, with many photos for those deciding on a layout for any type of garden, be it for the kitchen, cottage garden, scented garden and many more

3) Paphiopedilum in Taiwan Volumes 2 and 3 R15 each - For fans of the slipper orchids, with photos of each of the many varieties

4) The Garden at Buckingham Palace, An Illustrated History by Jane Brown with photos by Christopher Simon Sykes R25 - Everything you wanted to know about this royal garden with full page illustrations

5) The Painted Garden by Anthony Huxley R30 - This book has a fascinating collection of paintings and prints of gardens from all over the world, through all the ages

6) Gardening for the Vase by Owen A Reid R22 - As the title suggests, this is a book for flower arrangers, with ideas of what to plant in the garden plus ideas for floral arrangements

7) World War 2 – 50th Anniversary Commemorative Edition by Ivor Matanle R100 - A comprehensive account with a balanced and objective look at this conflict.  Black and white photos

8) Testament of Youth by Vera Brittain R15 - This book is a classic of WW1, an autobiography of a woman growing up in the early 1900’s and the contribution she made to nursing the wounded, while dealing with her own loss

9) Disclosing the Past by Mary Leakey R30 - The autobiography of Mary Leakey, who worked in East Africa, as an archaeologist.  Black and White plus colour illustrations

10) Killing Keble – An Underworld Exposed by Mandy Wiener (signed by the author) R12 - Few people will not know about the killing of Brett Keble on a bridge crossing the N1 in Johannesburg, and the intrigues of why and how

11) Don’t Get Too Comfortable by David Rakoff R20 - A witty and insightful account of journeying into the land of unchecked plenty that is contemporary America. Rarely have greed, vanity, selfishness, and vapidity been so mercilessly and wittily skewered.

12) The Cigar by Eric Deschodt and Philippe Morane R25 - Dust Jacket. These 2 authors trace the history of the cigar from its Caribbean indigenous roots to the high-class brands admired by connoisseurs worldwide. Special emphasis is placed on the development of the Havana before and after the 1959 Cuban Revolution.

13) Making the Most of Work Spaces by Lorrie Mack R20 - With lockdown, many people are working from home. This book will enable you to create an environment that is well-organised, comfortable and stylish

14) A History of English-Speaking Peoples since 1900 by Andrew Roberts R40 - In a brilliant narrative Roberts tells the story of those countries where English is spoken by the majority of people as their first language – Great Britain and her dependencies, the United States, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the British West Indies and Ireland

15) Breaking Story – The South African Press by Gordon S Jackson  R10 - A comprehensive review of the press in South Africa since 1976 – the year the Soweto riots triggered nationwide protests against white domination. This book explores the difficulties faced by journalism

16) Johannesburg Then and Now by Marc Latilla  R300 - A collectable book from a passionate Johannesburger who has photographed places or buildings in Johannesburg and set these photos alongside photos of the same place/building as they were in the early days.  A remarkable addition to your Johannesburg collection

17) 20 South African Schools – A Pictorial History R350 - This book highlights some of South Africa’s top schools from around the country, in black and white photos and some text.  Beautifully illustrated

18) Farmhouses of Old Natal edited by Jacqueline Kalley R600 - Another collectible book, this time about the old and beautiful farmhouses in Natal, with biographical information about the people who lived in them

19) Gandhi’s Johannesburg by Eric Itzkin R150 - Itzkin traces Mohandas Gandhi’s time living in Johannesburg, which became the birthplace of his Satygraha movement.  Another must-have for those interested in the history of our city

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