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Join the launch of Gerald Garner’s newest book, ‘Johannesburg 2020 and Ahead’ via Zoom on Friday 10 July at 6:30pm. Listen to the conversation between Charlie Moyo (JoburgPlaces chief storyteller and guide) and Gerald Garner (founder of JoburgPlaces and author of this book).

Garner wrote Johannesburg 2020 and Ahead during South Africa’s Covid-19 lockdown in May and June 2020. The book questions the future of Johannesburg with a focus on the inner-city. Garner asks how the city will change due to the health and economic impact of the Covid-19 National Disaster. He also establishes a vision for the future redevelopment of the inner-city – especially the area he refers to as  ‘Old Joburg’.

The book interrogates the context and workings of South Africa’s (and Johannesburg’s) society and analyses how the Covid-19 pandemic will reduce the demand for large office space and motorcars. This conundrum presents an opportunity to reshape Johannesburg, Garner argues.


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Garner points towards a reimagined inner-city that is liveable, clean, walkable, connected, illuminated, safe, green, alive and thriving. Innovative concepts such as a central promenade in the heart of the inner-city, urban farming and a city that embraces its youthful population, are discussed.  

The book ends with a bold manifesto for the future design, management, and administration of the city. It includes full-colour photos to provide inspiration for inner-city living – since Garner advocates to turn Old Joburg into the residential neighbourhood of the future.

Johannesburg 2020 and Ahead includes a chapter on the history of Johannesburg, summarising the remarkable story of the city that was rebuilt six times in its short 133-year history. Soon the story of the seventh Johannesburg will unfold, and this book is certainly showing the way.

To register for the launch, email gerald@joburgplaces.com. You will receive a return email in acknowledgement and details on how to join the Zoom discussion in due course.

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