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A passionate entertainer at heart – Joe Mafela was a member of generation that was part of the country’s oppression; conquered through democracy to develop and promote black talent as well the country’s indigenous music heritage.

The National Heritage Council of South Africa (NHC) pays tribute to this stalwart that played a major role in the South African Traditional Music Awards (SATMA) through the development of Indigenous Music. He was the Founder patron and judging panel member of the SATMA Awards. Bra Joe engaged the NHC on his dream to preserve indigenous music.

He portrayed ‘Black life’ in reality during oppression and post liberation struggle. Bra Joe gave hope to the oppressed who wished to venture into the entertainment industry through film or music. His work, whether in film and music is entrenched in every generation.

“His title track song ‘Shebeleza’ which is a struggle song, was a theme song at the 1996 African Nations Cup – this was in the very early years of democracy when he took the opportunity to be on this African stage to attract global appeal in indigenous music”, added Mancotywa.Joe Mafela was also the first black person to be awarded with a Grand Prix award at the Loeries Awards.

“He will be remembered for his patriotism and love for South African music and film. The NHC is working closely with SATMA in the promotion of indigenous music and will ensure that he is honoured for his contribution,” said CEO of the Council.

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