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The Johannesburg Heritage Foundation School’s Program offers four fun filled guided tours for children in Grades 3-8, with illustrated worksheets to complete so they remember the places they have visited. These tours are only available through the JHF as most of the buildings are not generally open to the public. Contact: mail@joburgheritage.co.za to book your place.

The first is the Now and Then Heritage Tour, for Grades 3 and 4. This tour takes place at The Holy Family College, 40 Oxford Road, Parktown. 


Holy Family College (The Heritage Portal)


Travel back over 100 years in a beautiful Edwardian school in Parktown, Johannesburg, wear pinafores and sailor suits over contemporary uniforms while having an English lesson in a 1905 attic classroom, complete with inkwells, dip pens, reading charts, dunce’s caps and cursive writing!

Learn about the discovery and mining of gold, the lifeblood of our city Egoli in our old History classroom. Explore the magnificent architecture and interiors and have explained and experience the rationale behind the school’s turning circle at a time where transport was primarily by carriage or donkey- cart. Design and decorate a folder for your worksheets while learning about crafts from long ago.

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