On Saturday, 26 October 2019, the Border Historical Society, in conjunction with the Stutterheim Historical Society has arranged a site visit to a Ram Pump,  a Water Wheel and to the remains of a Turbine Ram Pump on the Kubusie River - on two adjacent farms.

All BHS members and any interested parties are welcome to participate in the visit.

We will meet at 08:30 at Amabele, at the turn-off from the N6 to Wriggleswade Dam from where we will depart at 08:45 for Eric Flanagan’s Canon Farm to visit his amazing ram pump and water wheel.

Afterwards all intrepid, able-bodied visitors will cross the Kubusie River to Pierre Hart’s farm, Peninsula, where we will view the remains of Joseph Newey’s turbine ram pump*. 


Joseph Newey’s turbine ram pump


The alternative to crossing the Kubusie River is to drive 20km around to Peninsula Farm. The GPS Co-ordinates of Peninsular Farm are:  32°33'40.49"S. 27°42'15.97"E.

We expect the first visit to take about 2 hours and the second visit to also take a few hours, which, together with the picnic lunch visitors are to bring along, means only commencing our return mid-afternoon.

Those not visiting Peninsula Farm could return late morning (to possibly visit the Engine Museum at Stutterheim). Those wishing to only visit the Turbine Ram Pump could drive directly to Peninsula Farm to meet the early party from about 11:00 onwards.

COST - There is no charge but a donation to Society funds from non-members would be appreciated. 

INCLEMENT WEATHER - In the event of rain on the day the visit will be postponed to a date to be determined.

CONTACT PERSONS - The visit is being co-ordinated by: Viv Mostert   viv.mostert@gmail.com (Border Historical Society) Tom Cole  tomcole170@gmail.com  (Stutterheim Historical Society)

RSVP - For the purposes of managing the visit it would be appreciated if you could confirm to the BHS - by return e-mail -  if you will be attending. border.historical.society@gmail.com


*See a full description of the Turbine Ram Pump on pages 86-88 of Dennis Walters’ book, Bridging the Eastern Cape: The Life and Work of Joseph Newey. 

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