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Richard Holden is one of our City's unsung heroes. Like so many of us, Richard is fed up with the inability/unwillingness of the City to deliver basic services like street cleaning and park maintenance, and has taken on the responsibility for a large area himself. 

Historic Stewart Drive is a case in point. Below are a few Before, During and After cleaning photos taken by Richard to show you the dramatic difference. The main image is a NOW photo taken by me recently (the pass and neighbouring ravine were the cleanest I have seen in years).

I know that so many of us are doing similar things in our own areas, and will understand how frustrating the lack of support can be. So if you are able to offer support in any way to keep Stewart Drive looking pristine, please do.

For those wishing to offer Financial support, Richard's details are: RD HOLDEN - ABSA - Account No: 4071082966

Richard has also recorded some of the clean ups in videos that can be found here.

Brett McDougall - 6 May 2018










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