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Those who want to join a Heritage tour of the Joburg Zoo must arrive at the entrance from the parkade by 9.45 to get a lift on the tractor which leaves for the starting point at 10am.

The heritage tours are offered every Saturday and Sunday morning in March. They are led by the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation's specially trained tour leaders who will be recounting the story of the zoo starting with the donation of the Hermann Eckstein Park and Percy Fitzpatrick’s little menagerie. The tour is a two hour walk passing the old cages and which evolve into enclosures, the statue of Max the heroic gorilla, the bear pits which have been converted to delightful adventure spaces for monkeys, past the bandstand into the farm, ending at the old tearoom which is now the Education Centre with a view across the Howitzer to the Angel of Peace surmounting the SA National Anglo Boer War Memorial.


South African War Memorial in 2015 (The Heritage Portal)


It would be impossible to visit without seeing some enchanting animals and there are a number of babies clinging to their moms. Thanks to the huge trees the walk is mostly in the shade.

If you have memories to share and old photographs of outings to the zoo do bring them along too.

When the tour ends you are welcome to spend the day in the Zoo or wander down to the restaurant for lunch.

Book and pay through our office 011 482 3349 or mail@joburgheritage.co.za and meet one of our tour leaders at the entrance where you will be given a ticket which entitles you to the heritage tour plus the rest of the day in the Zoo.

We have been allocated 20 seats per day on the tractor ride, but you can take a chance and pay at the entrance gate from the Parkade.

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