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Are we losing our Heritage? Time to ‘tag’ our heritage places & spaces for people to discover more about our history,

Join the local drive to ‘tag’ our Heritage using  the Blue Plaques. A powerful way to commemorate significant places & spaces. Much work to do in the Harties & Magaliesberg area. Johannesburg & Pretoria have started. Lots of potential for locals and visitors to get to know our heritage.

Join Prof Kathy Munro on October 25th at 10h00 at Meerhof Lodge for a talk on Heritage, History and Blue Plaques

The  Blue Plaque has become the way to commemorate heritage. Covering all significant places & spaces, people, events and architecture. Blue Plaques are an excellent way to publicise heritage, recover forgotten history and invite visitors to pause, remember and explore a heritage site. Blue Plaques will make South Africans aware of our more inclusive history. 

How did the Blue Plaque project start?  What are the criteria for installing a Blue Plaque? Prof Kathy Munro will discuss the challenges and opportunities of the Blue Plaque from Johannesburg experience. Relate stories behind Blue Plaques. 

History and heritage is not without controversy and discussion will open up on the critical choices in commemorating Heritage sites.  

Bookings:  Mike Benn 071 382 5905 or mike@meerhoflodge.co.za

Tea/coffee/water plus snacks for R50.00 per person

Professor Kathy Munro is an Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of the Witwatersrand. 

Her interests encompass the history and heritage architecture of Johannesburg  and she is researching the architect Hermann Kallenbach. Kathy is interested in the memorial architecture relating to  the first world war. She is vice Chairman of the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation.

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