09/30/2018 - 00:00

In addition to the volunteers who devote time over weekends to plant, weed and clean our lanes, we thank three Green Point neighbours - James Loock, Tina Jeffrey and Birgit Thümecke – who have generously supported Friends of Green Point Lanes (FoGPL) with R400 to maintain the most challenging lane from Carreg Crescent down to Ocean View Drive. Anyone else interested in joining FoGPL as a paying member, especially those who cannot help at the weekends or share cuttings, we welcome you.

R400 per annum goes towards employment for maintenance. Help us preserve this unique heritage that connects our village. Call or email Liz - 0765972640 / lzbknight@gmail.com 

FoGPL has created a visual map of the some 28 lanes/steps gardens. Guided tours of our progress are offered. Join us any weekend and join as a member of FoGPL by adopting a lane.

Click here for more details.

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