The community spirit in and around the District Six Museum is strong. This has kept us alive through the uncertainty and resource-ravaging time of 2020. It helped us to push through and kept the museum doors open.

Facing these challenging times, when visitor numbers remain low, requires that we develop in a new direction, and for this we call upon the spirit of community once again. 

We’d like to introduce the Seven for Seven initiative. This is based on the idea of an Iconic landmark of District Six: The Seven Steps, which held the spirit of place, belonging and a coming together of community. We call on you to join our Seven for Seven initiative, to enable us at the Museum to continue our life-enhancing work. 

Your support helps us in our mission to strengthen and enliven public engagement and learning through our exhibitions, oral history, research, expressive arts events and programming. 

R1 Million will be reserved to start an endowment fund for the organisation. Your kind gift ensures that the District Six Museum remains a landmark of social justice consciousness in Cape Town on the African continent. Your allegiance is greatly appreciated and admired.

A minimum donation of R7, or 7 in any currency from around the world, can be made through a variety of platforms here on our website and your contribution will help us to thrive as a place that people call home.

In the spirit of Kanala (the local Cape Town spirit of Ubuntu) we ask that you share this on to friends and colleagues, as we join hands and take the next steps to keep the Museum alive.

Click here to donate.

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