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The City of Johannesburg requests comment for crafting a new Policy on the Naming and Re-naming of Streets and Public Places. Linked to this, the City is also requesting public input for the Joburg Names Bank.

The naming of streets and public spaces plays an important double role in the lives of people – a cultural role in terms of building strong identities, and a practical role, in terms of their locational function. The allocation of street addresses is essential also for business, delivery of municipal services, law enforcement and emergency services.

Naming Policy

The Policy on Naming of Streets and Other Public Places in the City of Johannesburg seeks to regulate and standardize the processes involved in the naming of streets, public places, parks and city facilities. It sets out criteria and procedures that should be followed, and helps inform the choice of names.

The present Policy (Third Revision, 2009) will be revised in order to meet current needs, and taking  account of public comments. The current Policy is available on the City’s website: www.joburg.org.za. Residents can also request that copies of the Policy be sent to them.

Joburg Names Bank

The new policy will include guidelines for the Names Bank, a database of approved names for the City of Johannesburg.  These names will help with allocating suitable names as needed for streets and public places.

Place names in Johannesburg should reflect the rich cultures, history and heritage of the city.  Names can also be inspired by the natural resources and geographical features of the area.  Place names may be expressed in any of the country’s official languages.

Members of the public are invited to suggest place names for inclusion the Names Bank. For each name suggested, please supply the language and meaning or origin  of the name. Submissions can be in the form of one or more suggested names, and can be in the form of lists of names grouped according to themes.

Comments on for revising the Naming the Policy, and suggested names for inclusion in the Names Bank, may be forwarded in writing to DominicaM@joburg.org.za or MariS@joburg.org.za

Please click here to find the Joburg Naming Policy


Dominica Masalesa -Tel. 011 373 7541
Mari Steenkamp - Tel. 011 373 7501.

Public Participation
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