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If you are planning a visit to The Netherlands during the next few months (i.e. before May 21, 2017) you can visit the exhibition Good Hope. South Africa and The Netherlands from 1600 in the Rijksmuseum.  Click here to view an introductory video.

As part of the program there will be a symposium (English) on April 5th with amongst others Antjie Krog (Poet, writer and journalist) and Mamokgethi Phakeng (University of Cape Town). There will also be a television series on Dutch television. If you are not able to visit there is a book and also a republishing of the publications by the well-known Dutch author Adriaan van Dis (all in Dutch).  NB If you are indeed going to visit the exhibition book an e-ticket; that can save you a lot of hardship and waiting in the queue outside.

Below is a quick overview of the exhibition. Click here for full details. 

"In 2017 the Rijksmuseum will be presenting the first major exhibition about the relationship between South Africa and the Netherlands. 400 years of emotive history in 300 items, most of which come from South Africa. Robert Jacob Gordon’s landscape panoramas, several metres long, occupy a prominent place in the exhibition. This Dutch traveller illustrated 18th-century South Africa, giving the country an identity. The imposing portraits of children born after 1994 – when apartheid was abolished – by the South African photographer Pieter Hugo illustrate South Africa’s future. Along with the exhibition, the NTR (Dutch public-service broadcaster) will be broadcasting a seven-part TV series presented by Hans Goedkoop." 

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