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The topic of lanes in Green Point is an emotive one, however they are an integral part of the history of our area and are also important thoroughfares providing easy access to MyCity bus stops. 

Despite the closure of a section of Mossat Lane (still under dispute), the CoCT’s policy is to keep the lanes open, as they serve to integrate the community and are also essential to the CoCT to access for services such as metre reading. Closure would also mean that maintenance becomes the sole responsibility of lessees often resulting in unkempt stairs which become fire hazards. 

The policy of the GPPRA (Green Point Ratepayers' & Residents' Association) as well as the Watch Green Point Neighbourhood has been to encourage residents to maintain the lanes by trimming greenery, clearing litter and to erect security lights on their properties to improve security.

Based on this we have recently formed Friends of Green Point Lanes( FoGPL). The idea was inspired by GPRRA member Adrian Barratt and other neighbours who have transformed the lane between Ocean View Drive and Joubert Road.

It is an ambitious project and there is a lot more work to do, including sourcing of more plants, watering with grey water, and determining which lanes to plant next. Our goal is to match the one between Joubert and Ocean View Drive and to upgrade other lanes in the neighbourhood. 

If you are interested in joining us, and can help with plants and planting as well as grey water, please do get in touch. Click here to view our facebook page.

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