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The Van Plettenberg Historical Society is very pleased to host local family historian Leigh Michael Dunn, who will be talking about the eviction of families classified as “Coloured” from the centre of Plettenberg Bay in the last century. He will be explaining how they were moved under the infamous Group Areas Act (Act No. 41 of 27 April 1950), and a few related anecdotes. The meeting will be held at the Plett Angling Club at 17h30 for 18h00 on Thursday, the 12th of July 2018.

Leigh will be talking with specific reference to the original Harker and Dunn families of Harkerville and Plettenberg Bay, and their rich contribution to the development of the town.

The Harker and Dunn families were very prominent Coloured families in Plett and their weddings were huge celebrations, recorded by the local press. The home of Leigh’s mother Bertha became Plettenberg Bay’s very first Tourism Office, and was officially opened by then Mayor Paul Scheepers on 9 December 1991.

So many Coloured families were up-rooted, after living such peaceful and happy lives for decades in our beautiful bay. Some of their earlier memories, as well as those of many others, will be shared by Leigh.

12 July 2018, therefore, will be an evening in the history of Plett not to be missed.

Given the keen interest in the subject, and the limited seating available, pre-booking is essential. For further information, contact Mike Kantey on 072 628 5131.

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