09/30/2016 - 00:00

Jon Sojkowski, an architect with a passion for African vernacular architecture is traveling to South Africa's Eastern Cape in early September to document Xhosa vernacular architecture. Jon has been collaborating with the South African Open Heritage organization and they are the recipient of a Golden Shield Heritage Award, funded by The National Heritage Council of the South African government. The NHC has awarded this grant since 2002.

Sojkowski and a research team will be traveling throughout the Eastern Cape region for 2 weeks. They will stop at villages to interview home owners about their vernacular structures and ask permission to take pictures and videos of the structures.

After field research Jon will be working with Open Heritage staff at their Cape Town office to analyze and organize the information.

As part of the project, Jon will be blogging on a regular basis about the research. The blog can be found on the updated web page at: http://www.southafricavernaculararchitecture.com/ 

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