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In celebration of Heritage Month 2018, Fish Hoek Valley Historical Association hosts its annual quiz evening on Thursday 13 September 2018 from 17h45 for 18h00 til 20h00. Teams consisting of 1, 2, 3 or four people, each with a nickname eg: The Histericals, are welcome to register beforehand for this light-hearted evening of fun. Typically, teams are drawn from businesses, social groups and organisations.

The event, limited to 6 teams, will be an open book affair based on Joy Cobern’s book Fish Hoek Looking Back (available online) and, the displays at Fish Hoek Valley Museum. Questions will be confined to the history within the four corners of the wider Fish Hoek Valley.

Guest of honour and Quizmaster is Desiree Mentor of Sub Council 19, Fish Hoek. The MC is Bev Frieslich. The prize is made up of breakfast and coffee vouchers. For good measure, a pack of farmstyle boerewors, based on Mrs Irene Louw’s 1954 recipe will be included (Irene was Buller Louw’s wife; Buller sold his farm which gave way to two shopping centres and numerous suburbs eg: Sunnydale).

Complimentary platters of sumptious savoury and sweet snacks, juice and cappuccino coffee will be available courtesy Stag Coffee Co and STBB Attorneys. Participants are welcome to bring their own wine/fortification, glasses and cork screws.

  • Venue: Stag Coffee Co, Recreation Road (off Kent's Corner), Fish Hoek.
  • Fee: Members: R10-00 pp; Visitors: R20-00 pp.
  • RSVP essential to fhvalley.historical.secretary@gmail.com by Wednesday evening 12 September 2018. First come first served.
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