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Stories of Potchefstroom, a book written by Lennie Gouws was launched on 19 July 2018. It is the first book in 30 years covering the general history of Potch.


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The book contains 49 articles on various facets of the history of Potchefstroom. Articles are accompanied by approximately 260 photos. Included are the histories of 19 of Potchefstroom's oldest businesses. Approximately a third of the content is in English, the rest Afrikaans. Gouws has included a timeline of the history of Potchefstroom, some fun facts and a questionnaire on the history of the city. Articles are organised in the chapters: Timeline, Places, Commerce, People, Events, Institution and Sport. 

Many readers have commented that the shorter articles, instead of a continuous text, makes it highly readable and that they found the articles very interesting. 

Stories of Potchefstroom can be ordered from Lennie Gouws - lenniegouws@gmail.com.

Price: R280 plus R100 shipping costs if outside Potchefstroom (total R380).

Banking Details: HS Gouws, ABSA, 0678351725

Reference: Stories & Surname. Send an email with the proof of payment and the physical address where it can be delivered by courier. 


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