Yesterday I learned that Stephen Gray had passed away. I am sad to learn that. He was not a friend but we became acquaintances when we bumped into one another at book events and sales. We would exchange a greeting and a cheerful comment about books, making welcome recommendations to one another. I knew he was a well-known literary figure but he was a friendly person and we shared a passion for books. Sometimes we would encounter one another at the Tyrone Avenue shops in Parkview.


Tyrone Avenue (The Heritage Portal)


I admired Stephens biography of Herman Charles Bosman Life Sentence: A Biography of Herman Charles Bosman. Human & Rousseau, 2005. It was well written, empathetic, probing and offered another perspective on the life of Bosman. He edited a volume, Bosman’s  Johannesburg finding the best of Bosman’s writing about Johannesburg. It is a slender volume that  fits into the collectable Johannesburg books.


Book Cover


Stephen was a professor of English at the University of Johannesburg but retired in the 1990s to concentrate on his writing. He was prolific in his writing and was a novelist, biographer, poet and editor of substance. His writing gave us pleasure. He will be missed and fondly remembered. His writing legacy is impressive.

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Kathy Munro is an Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Architecture and Planning at the University of the Witwatersrand and chair of the Johannesburg Heritage Foundation. 

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