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Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo (JCPZ) is a municipal entity within the City of Johannesburg which is responsible for the development and maintenance of Public Open Spaces, Parks, Road verges and cemeteries within the jurisdiction of Johannesburg Metropolitan Municipality.

Environmental Protection was notified by an external organisation concerning the existence of unknown and historical graves at Innesfree Park. Subsequently, a site visit was undertaken on the 14th September 2017 where it was confirmed there are approximately eleven (11) unknown graves. Information obtained from a discussion and brief interview with Mr Charlie Lurie revealed these unknown graves to be those of the descendants of the original site owners prior to the purchase of the farmland by the Lurie family in and around 1960. 

Based on the above, it is recommended that:

a) The area where the graves are located be fenced off as a security measures in accordance with the preservation of cultural and historical heritage

b) The age of the graves to be determined by an Heritage Practitioner to determine if the graves are of historical origin and whether they qualify for a protection status in accordance with the National Heritage Resources Act.

c) The Conservation Management Plan be developed and notification forwarded to the relevant Provincial Heritage Authority.

d) Notification to be undertaken to locate the descendants and identification of the graves. This can be achieved by means of a broader public participation, stakeholder engagement or placing of placards in public places or through the local newspapers.

In the interim if anyone has information about the graves please email Cebo Mhlongo - cmhlongo@jhbcityparks.com.

The full City Parks report can be downloaded below.

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