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On the 27th of May in the year 1917, a group of farmers and interested parties gathered in the Community hall at Shaw Park to discuss the possibility of forming a Farmers/Agricultural Association to serve and advance the interest of the farming community situated in and around the Shaw Park area. As there was already a Church, School, Country Club and a Community hall on the present day premises, the good people of the area thought it both prudent and advisable to do so.

So, on that day in 1917, the EASTERN BORDER AGRICULTURAL ASSOCIATION was established and a constitution was formulated and accepted.

Considering the timing of this decision, they must have had great faith in the future. 1917 was during the First World War and not long after the “Rebellie”of 1914-1915. In 1910 South Africa became a Union of States under the British Government of Herbert H Asquith. Truly uncertain times for the Union of South Africa!

Be that as it may, the good people of this region, between the Fish river and Kenton on Sea, were convinced that the establishment of the Agricultural Association is the correct thing to do and it was established on the 27th of May 1017.

Today this Association still exists, still concerns itself with the wellbeing of its members and still do its share in promoting the interests of the farmers in this area.

Today we are a thriving community of diverse farmers. In our area we farm with beef, dairy, pineapples, vegetables, fresh water fish, game, goats, sheep, hydroponics, nurseries, tourism farms and many more. We have rural schools in our area and sports clubs for leisure. An undiscovered jewel!!!

Eastern Border Farmers Association “100 Year Open Day Celebrations” will take place on the 27th May 2017 at the Shaw Park Country Club. Click here to view our event page.

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