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I enclose some pictures of early Jozi from the 1900-1925 era. I would welcome any thoughts and info that readers might be able to provide. Thank you in advance. Franco Frescura - frescuraf64@gmail.com

1. Mission of the Oblate Brothers at Alexandra, outside Johannesburg. Where was the mission located and what was the Oblate Father's role in the black settlement of the suburb? I never knew of a mission there, but it might go some way to explaining the development of this suburb. The card was published by the Oblate Mission as part of a booklet set of postcards and was sent from Belgium to Holland in 1925 (see obverse). 



2. This card was published by Messrs Braune and Levy, and the picture was more than likely taken in Jozi. Could this have been taken at Klipspruit, which then became Pimville, near Kliptown?



3. A photo taken in Jozi in 1906 showing a black maid with a white child. It was not published by any commercial studio, but was the kind of snapshot that anyone could take with a box camera and have printed privately by a chemist. The original is somewhat indistinct so I have enhanced the image on my computer. 


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