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Though all buildings do not have walls, they all have roofs and floors. But most do have walls, even if they are low, and if you have seen enough walls, and looked at them carefully, you will understand the language of their materials and appreciate what they have to tell you. And you will read their stories and respect their value and treat them with the veneration that they deserve.

The Friends of Welgemeend and Boerneef-collection cordially invite you to a talk and Powerpoint presentation (in Afrikaans) by Dr. Gawie and Gwen Fagan titled: "Die stem van grond in die boukuns”

  • Plek: Welgemeend, Welgemeendstraat 2, Tuine
  • Datum: Maandag, 18 Junie 2018
  • Tyd: 19:00
  • Lede: R20
  • Nie –lede: R35
  • RSVP: 14 Junie 2018 vir die praatjie : welgemeendfriends@gmail.com of sms sel nr : 082 461 9753
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