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The Cullinan Heritage Society is pleased to announce that their diamond display room is now completed after many months of hard work. It contains pictorial displays of a "time line of diamonds in SA",  " the role of the Beefeater's and the Tower of London in connection to the British crown jewels", a series of photographs from the fifties of the "journey that the mining of a diamond takes from its start to it ending in a ring or necklace" as well as other pictures relevant to mining diamonds.

We were also fortunate enough to have been able to copy replicas of diamonds from all over the world, and there is displays of these diamonds as follows, "the cutting of a diamond", "display of old and new cuts", two displays of famous world diamonds", "a display of famous diamonds mined at Cullinan Diamond mine", "the diamonds mined at Cullinan since Petra Diamond Mining took over including the rare blue diamonds" and finally a display of the most famous diamond in the world "the Cullinan Diamond" as an uncut stone and as cut into its 9 major stones. There is also two displays of the daily production of the mine today as well a samples of the Kimberlite found  at the Cullinan Mine.

The exhibition has been put together with education in mind and is highly recommended for school groups. The cost of entrance is by a R5 donation which also includes the History Room which is a room dedicated to the History of the Cullinan Diamond Mine, the village and the people of the village from its founding in late 1902. This room also includes many artefacts from over the last century such as sports trophy's dating back to 1905.

It is open all days from 8-00 until 15-00 and is in the same premises as one of the tour companies, Cullinan Tourism and History and is located just off Oak Ave. opposite the McHardy House Museum.

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