05/31/2018 - 00:00

As I shall soon be relocating and cannot take my many  books with me,  I am trying to sell at least what I deem to be the most valuable books in my possession.  Among these I have:

The Collected Works of Sir Winston Churchill (Library of Imperial History, London, first edition, 1974-1976, 34 volumes in original green slipcases with vellum covers, gilt titles and edges). This magnificent and historically interesting set of books is in very good condition, with only some slipcovers that are slightly worn. Sadly, I do not have the 4 volumes of Collected essays.
If anyone has a genuine interest in Churchill's writing or is a collector of rare books, please let me know. I am selling them at a very reasonable price and will accept offers around 50 000 ZA Rand. The few available complete sets currently available on the market sell for over GB₤5000 and single volumes fetch between 105 and 150 pounds.

Alida Poeti | 083 233 2291 | apoeti15@gmail.com


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