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Join The Stacey Fru Foundation (SFF, Reg. NPO:191-015) to celebrate our heritage during the upcoming  “AfrICAN Children of the Year Awards 2018,” on the 3rd of November at No. 181 Corlett Drive in Bramley from 1 pm, in celebration of National Children’s Day. In recognition of our future, the African child has to be taught the importance of their heritage by embodying their beliefs. These awards will be, honouring children 7 to 13 years. (See invitation below). Some of the Johannesburg Nominees can be seen on the Stacey Fru Social media pages @staceyfru. The categories to be celebrated are;

  • Arts and culture.
  • Academic and skills development.
  • Philanthropist.
  • Entrepreneurship.
  • Leadership.
  • Community development/engagement.
  • Motivational/personal development.
  • Science and Technology.
  • Sports and recreation.
  • Safety and security.
  • Special mention.


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