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Tour Highlights include:

  • The newly discovered Mounted Infantry campsite where Colonel Legge was killed in the opening shots of the battle, and a Victoria Cross was won.
  • Northumberland Fusiliers’ far western outposts where the fight for the summit started at 04h30.
  • The Northumberland Fusiliers’ northernmost forts attacked by the Waterbergers at 05h00.
  • “Trig Beacon Fort” – the British Headquarters on the western side of the gorge.
  • The Heliograph Station and network of sangars (“skanse”) where 18 British soldiers were thrown off the cliff or jumped to their deaths.
  • “Last Stand Sangar” taken by Krause’s Scouts after considerable losses including Jan Joubert, the son of the late Commandant General, who was badly wounded in the chest.
  • Vehicle stops in the gorge on the return journey to see where the Yeomanry reinforcements were shot down from the cliffs above.

There will be short walks to the forts, or you can choose to remain on the vehicle to examine photos and read highlights of contemporary accounts.

A delicious Pub Lunch at a reasonable cost is available for you on your return to Askari Lodge (for own account). For those who wish to stay on after lunch, I will be hosting a free tour of the Plumari Museum and the unique ox wagons parked on the lawns.

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