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An art education in 9 books! Nine volumes (of 10 volume set) of an Art History series: Landmarks of the World's Art, published by Paul Hamlyn. It was and still is an excellent reference series first published in 1966. Top scholars of the day were authors. The books are profusely illustrated with colour illustrations. Each book is complete in itself. Hard cover with dust wrappers. The themes covered are architecture, ceramics, sculpture, painting, interior decoration, paintings, rugs, metalwork andcarvings.  This was a cultural survey of note and is now becoming collectable!  The missing volume is on the Oriental World.

We are selling the 9 volumes at the price of R400.  A bargain. Would  need to be collected in Johannesburg. This is part of the fund raising book sale for JHF.  Contact Kathy Munro - kathy@zimstone.co.za

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