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Stephanie Fassler is a Johannesburg based art glass master. She is a talented, artist in glass. Her specialization is stained glass windows and she is well known for her inspirational windows commissioned by many churches in South Africa. Stephanie is a Wits Graduate with a fine arts degree and thereafter she studied abroad to master the craft. She worked in the studios of Patrick Reyntiens and John Piper in England.  On her return to South Africa in the late 1960s she established  her own studio.

Her studio is in Melville and she is delighted to share her most recent work with heritage enthusiasts. She has completed a private commission of a Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass window for a home in Lone Hill. It is an extraordinarily beautiful work and measures. 1120 wide x 2020 high.



Worked with geometrical precision and cutting the multi coloured glass into rectangles, squares, circles and triangles the light intensifies the colours. Here is a feast of blues, greens, olives, turquoise, reds and subtle orange in a composition that instantly delights and is in the best tradition of domestic art glass. it was my privilege to see Stephanie's Homage to Frank Lloyd Wright as work in progress. She meets every technical challenge with a total mastery of her material. 

Stephanie creates wonderful art glass treasures, all to be seen in her studio and show room .... Candle holders, hanging chandeliers, delicate pendants, vases, bowls, bottles, Christmas dancing Angels, Tiffany style lamps, paving circles. All of these are not just objects but with that beautiful combination of glass as a plastic but delicate material, become an art work of distinction and collectibility. 

Stephanie is particularly talented in creating new stained glass windows in Johannesburg Churches (St Columba's and St Mary's school) and tackling daunting restoration projects for churches.   

Four years ago she was commissioned by Wits University to create two new stained glass windows for the Senate Room foyer. These now join Stephanie's two windows completed in the early 1970s for the Wits Senate room. Her work is a visual delight. 

Stephanie has made a major contribution to Johannesburg heritage and its preservation. Her work now spans half a century and should be deservedly celebrated. 

Stephanie accepts commissions and may be visited by appointment ... Tel ...011 726  3831

Kathy Munro

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