05/03/2017 - 00:00

archive space is an activation of the newly opened Valerie Chipkin archive. In the spirit of Clive Chipkin whose research archive is housed in the room it will become a place to research, visualise and critically discuss the production and traces of architecture in Johannesburg and South Africa. While this workspace is available to visiting researchers, the archive space discussions will be interactions between them, academics and heritage practitioners. The initial discussion will take place in the thesis collection area of the Martienssen library or in the First Floor seminar room if there is a spillover, but all are welcome to visit the archive.

The inaugural discussion of May 3 from 1-2pm will include a presentation by Franco Frescura on his lifelong work documenting vernacular space in Southern Africa. 

Hope to see you and interested colleagues there - lunchboxes are welcome outside the library and archive proper.

Dr Hannah le Roux

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