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The Northern Branch’s Annual Symposium is designed to bring academics and society members together once a year for a day of fascinating lectures. The focus of this year’s symposium is patterns of international trade as they affected various parts of Africa. Trade has sustained human populations for thousands of years and our continent played a significant part in this. Esteemed archaeologists and historians from across the country, who have specialised in trade networks involving Africa, will give six excellent lectures. 

The subjects of the talks span a period of over two millennia and will cover the Phoenician’s North African trade routes in the Mediterranean, shipwrecks around the South African coast, the role played by the VOC Dutch East India Company, the Indian Ocean trade triangle, Portuguese trade along the East coast, and West African slave and other trade. 

Join us in celebrating Africa’s history of trade and its rich maritime heritage. 

Registration forms available from Anne Raeburn at anner@mweb.co.za

Date: Saturday, August 26

Registration: 09:00 - 09:30

Venue: Delta Environment Centre, Delta Park, Road No. 3, Victory Park, Johannesburg.

Parking: Secure parking at the centre.

Fees: Please note that the student fee is only applicable to full-time students.

Catering: Bring your own picnic lunch to enjoy at the tables or on the lawns. A glass of wine or fruit juice is included in the registration fee. Tea, coffee and biscuits will be served mid-morning and after the last lecture.

Book Table: A wide selection of new and second-hand books will be available for purchasing before the symposium starts, at the morning tea break, the lunch period and at the end of the symposium during the afternoon tea break.

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