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The “Auschwitz album” photos are among the most iconic Holocaust photographs. Taken in Birkenau in 1944 during the deportation of the Hungarian Jews, they are widely displayed to illustrate the Holocaust. But little is known precisely about the album and the reason it was made. And, on a wider view, photos are usually overlooked and seen as illustrations rather than documents, while they can be a major historical source. A thorough study of the 197 photos of the album allows one to highlight multiple information and bring into light explanations regarding not only the meaning of the album but also the “Final Solution” in Auschwitz as it was implemented in the spring of 1944.

Tuesday 04 June 2020, 7pm (SAST) [RSVP closes at 3pm on 04 June] Click here to register.

Tal Bruttmann is a researcher working on the various anti-Jewish policies implemented in France and on the Holocaust in Europe, especially the killing centres. He has published several books on the French administration role in the anti-Jewish policies during the Vichy period. His latest works are focused on Auschwitz and the Holocaust in Europe. This talk is based on his book analysing “Lili Jacob’s album” photos, Die fotografische Inszenierung des Verbrechens: Ein Album aus Auschwitz (with Christoph Kreutzmüller & Stefan Hördler).

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