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As with many historical sites in South Africa, the Linden Koppie containing the Johanna van der Merwe Voortrekker Monument is neglected, overgrown and full of rubbish (click here for details about the site). Vagrants have established themselves at the foot of the hill. The Johanna van der Merwe Voortrekker Monument Association is in the process of 'adopting' the Koppie. An action plan is being developed to maintain the integrity of the site. The goal is to turn the koppie into a tourist attraction and a safe place for the citizens of Linden, Risidale, Montroux and surrounding suburbs to visit.

For more information about Emma Park Koppie and the monument or to make a donation, please contact:  dievoortrekkers.goudrand@gmail.com or sawgsociety@gmail.com.

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